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SOAP Resources
Local time Web Service Local Time give US postcode (timsp8, 2010-05-11 10:25:49.000)
USADrugClinic.com Web Service USADrugClinic Online Pharmacy - No Perscription Required. Find your Medications with our online resources and get fast overnight shipping. Includes Online Customer Service, Email Support and Phone Support. Please Submit your Application to get your first (SKNX3, 2009-12-01 02:49:35.000)
Article (sanjeev.kumar, 2009-10-15 00:47:10.000)
Posting SOAP client Web Service Accessing this service requires standard SOAP client. SOAP client should authenticate itself through user name and password. (sanjiiv, 2009-07-24 08:02:08.000)
A useful soap compler speeds up your software Resource This should enable the software you write to run a heap quicker and it may aslo be harder to read what you programmed into it. Hope this help you out folks (linknz, 2008-08-25 12:19:27.000)
The Linknz New Zealand search engine. Web Service Linknz is presently both the most used and the largest search engine based within NZ. (linknz, 2008-08-15 14:57:08.000)
Lokad Demand Forecasting Software Web Service Upload your time-series and get automated statistical forecasts. Lokad relies on a collaborative time-series forecasting technology. Best suited for retail, eCommerce, manufacturing and call centers. Documentation: http://www.lokad.com/web-services-ti (vermorel, 2007-10-08 10:40:32.000)
Javascript client for SOAP based WebServices Resource Calling a server from JavaScript is a fundamental part of AJAX applications. Using WebServices with SOAP and WSDL is easy if proxy objects and methods are available in the browser. This Proxy generator can be used on its own but is also part of an AJAX (mathertel, 2007-06-08 11:20:03.000)
MCAWSDLFile.wsdl Article (mkrodriguez, 2006-12-13 15:45:10.000)
TestService : ChickenFarm Web Service Test webservice : chicken farm (nasemiko, 2006-12-03 13:25:11.000)
TestService : ChickenFarm Web Service Test webservice : chicken farm (nasemiko, 2006-12-03 13:24:13.000)
Cube Panel Webservices API documentation Tool API%B4s WebServices is a group of web services designed to allow access to the internal functions of the Cube Panel from within its own scripts. (aaron, 2006-05-12 08:44:05.000)
Cube Panel Webservices API documentation Tool API%B4s WebServices is a group of web services designed to allow access to the internal functions of the Cube Panel from within its own scripts. (aaron, 2006-05-12 08:43:17.000)
soapui Tool soapui is a java-swing based desktop application for inspecting, invoking and functional testing of webservices over HTTP. (omatzura, 2005-09-24 15:14:44.000)
ExpediteShip for DHL SOAP Web Services Web Service Hosted SOAP Web Services that enable businesses to easily integrate the DHL domestic & export shipping with their existing IT systems such as: ordering, accounting, customer services and other. The total integration time is reduced to a few days by meeti (radavass, 2005-02-25 18:46:08.000)
User base Web Service (laxminarayana.re, 2005-02-15 02:49:49.000)
Table Lamps, Desk Lamps, Torchiere Floor Lamps and Accent Lamps Web Service We present to you our grand array of lamps, including desk lamps, floor lamps,and table lamps and ceiling lamps, all sure to accommodate your office and homelighting needs. We are dedicated to providing you with perfect lightingsolutionsas well as the be (leonid, 2005-01-01 06:57:36.000)
All about the English Language : TheEnglishLanguage.org Resource TheEnglishLanguage.org is a categorised directory of websites about the English Language and related topics. (theenglish, 2004-12-24 05:16:54.000)
UK road watch Web Service Type in a road in the UK (M4) and see if there are any delays. Or leave blank for all. (Milo, 2004-11-03 11:10:02.000)
Several ways to make a SOAP client Resource How to make a SOAP client in Java. DocBook document cover DII, SEI with AXIS and JAX-RPC and some advanced technique like registering serializer/deserializer for complex type with rpc/encoded operation type. You will find code sample to post an xml file (pascalbotte, 2004-10-01 18:50:52.000)
HIRON XML Web Service Web Service HIRON XML Web Service is mean to demonstrate the possibilities of new technologies in distributed calculations in the Operations Research area, for example, for global optimization. One of the basic features of this Web service that it controls the nativ (vasbo, 2004-08-02 09:44:55.000)
blog.InternationalMotorshow.NET Weblog RSS feed about InternationalMotorshow.NET, a virtual meeting point for car tuners, tuning meetings and shows, ICE&dbDrag, international motor shows, motorsport... (speedddevil, 2004-07-07 13:06:46.000)
Graph Components for .NET Resource XYGraph is a native .NET charting component showing data in a cartesian graph (X,Y). Controls from componentXtra gives royalty free software integration. Both the free and purchased products includes sample code (VB and C#). (componentxtra, 2004-07-03 16:26:43.000)
Politics.co.uk Article Political News Headlines, political reference, political resource, UK politics, latest political news, MP, politics.co.uk (David Bell, 2004-06-30 11:28:52.000)
StrikeIron Web Services Analyzer for Java Article StrikeIron’s Web Services Analyzer allows anyone to quickly and easily discover, understand, and utilize any XML-based Web service with a click of the mouse. The data structures, data requirements, behavior, and expected results are immediately availabl (strikeiron, 2004-03-11 12:15:44.000)
StrikeIron Web Services Developer Kit for Java Tool StrikeIron’s Web Services Developer Kit for Java accelerates application development and lowers costs by enabling developers to use new dynamic object technology to dynamically load, invoke, aggregate, and govern the execution of multiple XML-based Web s (strikeiron, 2004-03-11 12:13:37.000)
XMLPitstop Resource Provides a central location for everything that a developer needs to know about XML. Examples with Source Code, Tutorials, tools, resources, books, etc. (xmlpitstop, 2004-03-08 10:56:38.000)
OPSWAT Inc. Web Service OPSEC Development and Ceritifcation Escorting (gorgale, 2004-02-03 22:24:10.000)
AMI (Atlas Metadata Interface) Web Service AMI : bookkeeping service for ATLAS (LHC/CERN) http://atlasbkk1.in2p3.fr:8180/AMI/ (Fulachier, 2004-01-30 05:28:27.000)
Cybergrass Bluegrass Events Calendar Resource Cybergrass Bluegrass Events Calendar provides an on-line events calendar for festivals, concerts, album releases, special birthdays and other events. The calendar services the acoustic, bluegrass, folk and acoustic-country genres. (BillCatz, 2004-01-25 00:15:05.000)
WhatReallyHappened Article News aggregate. Includes list of web articles with comments, reader feedback, archives, original articles and web site store. Contrarian’s bias in articles and opinions. Non-partisan criticism of all levels and branches of government, special interest (kyle_rode, 2004-01-16 15:08:39.000)
Ambilao News RSS Channel Weblog Ambilao.com get its own RSS Channel. (thedream, 2004-01-15 02:58:00.000)
Cybergrass Copyright News Weblog News relating to Music Industry and Copyright Issues (Cybergrass, 2004-01-11 12:56:37.000)
Cybergrass Forums Weblog Discussion Forums on Bluegrass, Acoustic, Folk and Country Music (Cybergrass, 2004-01-11 12:55:57.000)
Cybergrass News Weblog News about Bluegrass, Acoustic, Folk and Country music. Music Industry news is also provided (Cybergrass, 2004-01-11 12:54:49.000)
xframe - xsddoc Tool The xsddoc subproject of xframe is an Open Source documentation tool for W3C XML Schemas based on XSLT and XalanJ. The current release is 0.3-alpha. We created some samples to test and demonstrate the results. You can view them online. (kriede, 2004-01-09 19:12:54.000)
UDDI Search Engine Tool At http://www.ObjectsSearch.com new UDDI search engine is added, so users can search web services .It is in beta stage and more functions will be added soon. (ObjectsSearch, 2003-12-15 14:49:22.000)
Online Pump Magazine News The latest news from the pump technology. (juv, 2003-11-10 14:36:28.000)
SAINTlogin : CellPhone users validation/authentication Web Service SAINTlogin allows users to log-in to a web site without using passwords and/or users-id. After pressing a button on the login page, the user is only requested to dial a phone number using his Cell-Phone, the call is at zero-cost. The SAINTlogin webse (saintlogin, 2003-11-05 11:54:27.000)
SOAPScope 2.0 Tool SOAPscope 2.0: Sniff, log, and replay SOAP traffic. View, Invoke, Diff, and Analyze WSDL. Easiest way to diagnose or learn webservices. (Wyrmwood, 2003-09-21 14:17:31.000)
StrikeIron Web Services Analyzer Tool StrikeIron's Web Services Analyzer allows you to analyze any Web service with a click of the mouse. In the point-and-click interface, simply provide the Web service's Internet address and click to execute. Data Structures, data requirements, behavior, ex (MaryFlannigan, 2003-09-10 11:35:33.000)
Novell Nsure UDDI PlayGround Article Online test registry based on Novell Nsure UDDI Server (sharath, 2003-09-02 08:01:35.000)
KYLEROTH.COM Weblog The life of a web designer in Pittsburgh. News, rants, raves, and links. (kyleroth, 2003-08-20 08:48:54.000)
Tapart Real News and Art that Talks News Tapart Real News and Art that Talks covers the real issues of our times beginning with the need for jobs and not wars. It is supported by Arkline Marketing who offers many free services and web promoters. Links is at http://yestapart.bizland.com/ (dreamrenew, 2003-08-11 23:09:46.000)
DevSpy.com News RSS Feed Resource RSS Feed version 0.91 for DevSpy.com News. (devspy, 2003-07-30 08:54:58.000)
News and Feature Stories from PRofit from PR Article News and Feature Wire (dougluc, 2003-07-22 21:37:36.000)
StrikeIron Simple Statistics Web Service Web Service This Web service takes a string of numbers (separated by a space) as input and allows the user to perform various statistical functions using this string of numbers. The Web service also requires a function name, such as 'average', 'mean', 'mode', or (StrikeIron,Inc., 2003-07-16 15:24:32.000)
StrikeIron Web Services Analyzer Tool StrikeIron's Web Services Analyzer allows you to analyze any Web service with a click of the mouse. In the point-and-click interface, simply provide the Web service's Internet address and click to execute. Data Structures, data requirements, behavior, (StrikeIron,Inc., 2003-07-16 15:22:32.000)
SoapDBC Tool SoapDBC is an attempt to write a general purpose SOAP service to provide database access and queries similar to JDBC. Accessing remote databases using JDBC can be chalanging, especially if firewalls are involved. By using the standard SOAP protocol, rem (kc7bfi, 2003-06-20 10:50:40.000)
e-ProMag.com News e-ProMag.com contains technical articles and news for Lotus and WebSphere professionals. (LindaH, 2003-06-05 18:12:18.000)
iSeries Network News News related to the IBM iSeries (AS/400) computer and the IT industry. (LindaH, 2003-06-05 14:21:32.000)
HttpDetect (EffeTech HTTP Sniffer) Tool Capture http data, and reassemble packets into original files. A handy tools to help debugging SOAP programs. (shaolinvisa, 2003-05-11 10:33:24.000)
EtherDetect - SOAP Trace utility Tool EtherDetect, a connection-oriented sniffer, could capture network data, and let you know exactly what sent out and receive in. It also provides a xml highlighting data view. (shaolinvisa, 2003-05-11 10:29:20.000)
TopXML Web Service The RSS feed of the 10 most recent items for this leading XML website. (Mark Wilson, 2003-04-03 01:28:33.000)
WebserviceX.NET Web Service WebserviceX.NET provides programmable business logic components and standing data that serve as "black boxes " to provide access to functionality and data via web services. Here you can find lots of Free Web services, a Web Services FAQ, an Essential To (WalterVijaykumar, 2003-03-23 11:23:49.000)
blogaholic.co.uk Weblog Ed de Quincey's Blog (eddequincey, 2003-03-20 08:17:11.000)
Just prints Web Service Just prints "Happy Soaping!" (scorpkiran, 2003-03-10 02:54:06.000)
Soap Education Article (KimJongChan, 2003-03-06 07:08:36.000)
XsdDoc: A XML Schema Documentation Software Tool XsdDoc 1.0 is a documentation tool that automatically generates detailed reports from XML Schema definitions. XsdDoc transforms plain XML files into cross-referenced and hyperlinked HTML documents for easy website publication and collaboration among deve (tfc, 2003-02-22 16:06:24.000)
Only4Gurus Resource A lot of technical documentation about ASP resources,ASPX,ASP.NET,SOAP,Active Directory,C++,C#,Visual Studio,Data Access,ADO,DAO,RDS,.Net,Development,BizTalk,Exchange,ISA,Security,Data Mining,BI,Peer2Peer,PocketPC,Mobility,SQL,TSQL (caquino, 2003-01-14 13:17:20.000)
UDDI: Building Registry-based Web Service Solutions Book UDDI: Building Web-based Web Services Solutions is a start-to-finish guide to using UDDI in real-world Web services. Naresh Apte and Toral Mehta begin with the fundamentals of business registries and Web services ecosystems. Then, using realistic case st (toral, 2003-01-06 16:31:11.000)
Free Online WSDL Validator Resource Validate and test your SOAP-based Web Services using our new free WSDL validator. This service offers very high interoperability, full support for complex data types, and intelligible error and fault reporting. (rtweed, 2002-11-24 04:41:37.000)
FreshScore Live Soccer score service Web Service FreshScore Live Soccer score service (serkangure, 2002-11-09 20:38:27.000)
/var/log/blog Weblog Ahmad Anvari writes about technology news, fun, business and economy (ahmad, 2002-10-24 17:21:20.000)
WS-I Draft Disallows rpc/encoded Format Article Will the Web Service Interoperability Organization's draft of its first deliverable resolve fundamental Web service interoperability issues? Read this detailed analysis of the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 Draft and learn how conforming to the tentative interop (rogerj, 2002-10-22 17:21:00.000)
UDDI Client API for Java Tool INSPIRE IT UDDI Client is a client library allowing seamless access to UDDI V3.0, V2.0 and V1.0 registries. It fully implements the UDDI V3.0, V2.0 and V1.0 data structures and programmers API as defined by the UDDI Community. The library also supports t (fontaineb, 2002-10-21 12:08:44.000)
Compare Web Service Security Metrics Article Do WS-Security's granular X.509 digital signatures and X.509 encryption justify certificate management and performance problems? Find out how the Microsoft WSDK X.509 implementation's network traffic and execution times compare with client-side HTTPS/SSL (rogerj, 2002-10-17 15:42:56.000)
Wasp Server Tool Wasp Server (Java and C++) is available free for personal and commercial use. It is a fully featured Web Services Platform with exceptional performance. Download it now at www.systinet.com. (markeb, 2002-10-17 05:15:27.000)
Use X.509 Certificates with the WSDK Technical Preview Article Microsoft's WSDK makes creating and using X509SecurityTokens easy, but installing the required X.509 certificates is tricky. Learn how to install X.509 certificates and use this Visual Basic .NET Windows form client to sign and encrypt SOAP request messa (rogerj, 2002-10-13 14:50:48.000)
Dig Into WS-Security with the WSDK Technical Preview Article Microsoft's Web Services Development Kit Technical Preview enables username/password digital signing and symmetric (shared-secret) encryption of SOAP messages. Learn how to sign and encrypt SOAP response messages with this Visual Basic .NET client and se (rogerj, 2002-10-13 14:49:55.000)
Web Services Programming using XML and Java Programming Language Class Web Service This is a class website for "Web services programming using XML and Java Programming Language", which is being taught by Sang Shin, Java Technology Evangelist from Sun Microsytems. (axykim, 2002-10-12 13:32:27.000)
WinInsider.com Weblog IT News about Windows (XP/Longhorn), .NET, Microsoft, Intel, DELL, Compaq, etc... with 5-to-15 news postings from variety of respected and trusted news sources. Cool forum; great site design, PDA access; NetAgent that notifies you about news postings, so (dotNet, 2002-09-24 23:51:24.000)
WebserviceX.NET Web Service Free web services provider (WebserviceX, 2002-09-20 10:26:41.000)
Bottom Feeder RSS Viewer Tool Bottom Feeder is an RSS feed reader. It also handles OCS aggregated feed lists. It's a free tool, available across a wide range of platforms (jarober61, 2002-09-17 21:38:11.000)
Access Directories Through Firewalls With DSMLv2 and DSfW Article Microsoft Directory Services for Windows (DSfW) beta 1.0 is a SOAP 1.1 implementation of Directory Services Markup Language version 2 (DXMLv2) for the .NET Framework. Give the ASP.NET DSMLv2 consumer a test drive at http://www.oakleaf.ws/dsmlasp/. (rogerj, 2002-09-14 13:37:39.000)
Upgrade to Office XP Web Services Toolkit 2.0 Article The Office XP Web Services Toolkit 2.0 implements new Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0 features, but chokes on SQLXML 3.0's stored procedure services and some complex objects. This .NETInsight article describes workarounds for SQLXML and other limitations. (rogerj, 2002-09-14 13:36:37.000)
LDAP Phonebook Search Web Service Web Service LDAP Phonebook Search Web Service. (jbova1, 2002-09-11 15:07:01.000)
Webmaster Lynx Resource The greatest Webmaster Resource site available on line covering all facets of Web Design. (droberts, 2002-09-02 04:33:40.000)
Test-Drive Microsoft's New Web Services Development Kit Article The WSDK Technical Preview lets .NET developers implement WS-Security, WS-Routing, WS-Referral, and WS-Attachment (DIME) specifications with minimal added code. Read a complete review of the WSDK with coding tips. Download the WSDKClient Windows form pro (rogerj, 2002-08-27 17:27:03.000)
Microsoft Announces .NET Best Charter Award Winners News Following are the winners in each of the seven solution categories of the Microsoft 2001 .NET Best Awards: Ateneo de Manila University (academic), At Global Inc. (line-of-business), InterKnowlegy LLC (.NET Servers integration), OakLeaf Systems (horizonta (rogerj, 2002-08-13 18:53:24.000)
Get Ready for XQuery Article W3C's XQuery 1.0 specification is in the Working Draft stage, but most relational and XML database vendors now offer Web-based interactive XQuery demonstrations. The next version of SQL Server (codenamed "Yukon") promises native support for XQuery, a.k.a (rogerj, 2002-08-13 18:52:05.000)
INSPIRE IT UDDI Client Tool INSPIRE IT UDDI Client is a client library allowing seamless access to UDDI V1.0 and V2.0 registries. It fully implements the UDDI V1.0 and V2.0 data structures and programmers API as defined by the UDDI Community. (bertrand, 2002-08-01 13:10:12.000)
Xsd.exe Workarounds for Complex SOAP Documents Article Validating XML SOAP request and response documents against XSD schemas leads to greater Web service security with only a modest effect on client performance. Microsoft's Xsd.exe is a versatile tool for generating XML schema from sample XML files. Apply t (rogerj, 2002-07-30 17:41:48.000)
Perlcoders Resource PerlCoders is one of the biggest and best CGI supersites for site automation and traffic generation tools on the net. This is the Home to AVSMaker and many other great scripts! (droberts, 2002-07-27 02:36:26.000)
Microsoft Moves Unannounced to UDDI 2.0 Article On July 17, 2002, Microsoft upgraded its public registry from UDDI version 1.0 to 2.0 and revamped the UI for search and publish operations. Most (if not all) the UI problems reported here have been corrected as of 7/25/02. Learn how this abrupt changeov (rogerj, 2002-07-25 14:25:21.000)
Web Services Discussion Resource Discussion on Web Services without the Hype! Web Services is a natural progression from DCOM, CORBA and EJB. It has broken on to the center stage with tremendous amount of enthusiasm from vendors. As with most new technologies, some of the promises w (harim, 2002-07-19 15:34:56.000)
Validate SOAP Messages with XSD Schema Article Learn how to use the XmlValidatingReader class to validate document/literal .NET XML Web services request and response messages. The downloadable sample ASP.NET Web service consumer project connects to the ReportsWS crosstab Web service at http://www.oak (rogerj, 2002-07-18 10:40:42.000)
MacVillage.net Mac PR News Macintosh Newswire (raccettura, 2002-07-06 12:49:08.000)
Web Services Using UDDI and WSDL Resource A presentation by Rob Pearson and Ed Loo. (yzhang, 2002-07-06 12:29:10.000)
E-Business*Standards*Today News E-Business*Standards*Today, published by Data Interchange Standards Association, provides a daily update on the latest developments in e-business standards, from a variety of news sources. The daily news wire is also available as an RSS 1.0 news feed at (alankotok, 2002-07-03 17:00:18.000)
Stress-Test Web Forms and Services With ACT Article Use Visual Studio .NET Enterprise and Architect editions' Application Center Test (ACT) to simplify multiclient load testing of XML Web services and ASP.NET Web forms by recording and replaying browser requests. ACT replaces Microsoft's earlier Web Appli (rogerj, 2002-07-02 12:32:06.000)
Make Sense of Web Service Discovery - DISCO and WSIL Article The "Find Web Services on Local Machine" link on the Add Web Reference dialog is missing from Visual Studio .NET RTM. But DISCO isn't gone; it's hibernating. Learn how to re-enable DISCO searches with a simple change to your machine.config file. Get read (rogerj, 2002-06-28 10:15:40.000)
Free Webservice Provider Web Service Free Webservice provider (vijaywalter, 2002-06-27 10:24:30.000)
CapeScience: Developer Support Network for Web Services with UDDI, SOAP and WSDL Resource CapeScience is a developer community for Web Services. We offer resources, tools, tutorials, free online training and a forum to help developers work with Web Services technology. (dbarefoot, 2002-06-25 10:55:58.000)
Advancing the Web services stack Article In this article, Judith M. Myerson demonstrates how new standards, particularly Web Services Experience Language (WSXL), Trading Partner Agreement (TPA), WS-Security, and WS-Inspection, can serve as updates to the architecture. (yzhang, 2002-06-23 21:07:33.000)
Is DIME Ready for Prime Time? Article Microsoft's newly released SOAP Toolkit 3.0 Beta 1 proposes Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME) as a replacement for SOAP Messages with Attachments' MIME encoding. Download Visual Basic 6.0 and .NET versions of the DimeClient test project or try (rogerj, 2002-06-18 17:10:08.000)
Orchestrating Web Services Article Using Web services technologies as implemented in software platforms and special-purpose products, enterprise developers and even business analysts can now "orchestrate" component services from disparate sources into complex applications (yzhang, 2002-06-15 00:45:14.000)
The Pros and Cons of Web Services Article The Pros and Cons of Web Services provides a complete definition of Web Services, and then discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of Web Services in a balanced manner. (yzhang, 2002-06-15 00:40:28.000)
the xootblog Weblog (xoot, 2002-06-13 21:11:59.000)
SOAP 1.2 Conformance Test Resource This document draws a list of assertions found in the SOAP Version 1.2 specifications, and provides a set of tests in order to show whether the assertion is implemented in a SOAP processor. (yzhang, 2002-06-12 21:29:13.000)
ebXML: The New Global Standard for Doing Business on the Internet Book Alan Kotok and David R.R. Webber New Riders Publishing ISBN: 0735711178 August 2001 (alankotok, 2002-06-12 09:07:19.000)
Converting XML Web Service Test Clients to ASP.NET Book This is an HTML preview version of Chapter 6 of "Visual Basic .NET XML Web Services Developer's Guide," which describes how to write ASP.NET Web service consuming applications. The chapter covers migrating from Windows to Web form consumers, state manage (rogerj, 2002-06-11 14:32:40.000)
Generate Web Services from Stored Procedures with SQLXML 3.0 Article Microsoft SQLXML 3.0 lets you leverage your existing Transact-SQL stored procedures by automatically generating WSDL files for single or multiple query resultsets. This article shows you how to take advantage of SQLXML 3.0's new capabilities, such as del (rogerj, 2002-06-11 14:30:31.000)
The Intelligent Wireless Web Book "The Intelligent Wireless Web" presents a coherent picture of the Next Generation Web. It weaving together Web Services, intelligent distributed applications, wireless devices, and speech recognition - to preview intelligent ubiquitous computing. (alesso, 2002-06-01 23:08:58.000)
SOAP Directory Resource An open SOAP directory contains articles, news, and resources. (mstone, 2002-05-29 22:20:17.000)
IBM Web services guru predicts WSDL future News IBM's director of e-business standards Bob Sutor predicts between 20 and 25 XML-based specifications for web services will eventually be defined by standards bodies like OASIS and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). (yzhang, 2002-05-29 14:52:36.000)
Is WSDL the indispensable API? Article In this article, Eoin Lane shows a service's WSDL view, then explains how you can generate client and service implementations for the various programming languages (yzhang, 2002-05-28 23:48:02.000)
Systems and Values Weblog My blog about issues relating to systems thinking and human values. (mlwhall, 2002-05-23 10:13:43.000)
Visual Basic .NET XML Web Services Developer's Guide Book This book is for Visual Basic developers who intend to create and consume production-quality, data-intensive ASP.NET XML Web services on intranets or the Internet. The book also includes full coverage of the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit for VB6 components. All (rogerj, 2002-05-21 13:50:25.000)
WSindex.org Resource Web Services Links and Resources (louisberk, 2002-05-19 09:57:28.000)
WSDL Essentials Book Chapter 6 of Web Service Essentials by Ethan Cerami. (mstone, 2002-05-17 15:13:21.000)
SOAP 1.1 Reference Resource SOAP and WSDL online reference provided by ZVON.ORG. (mstone, 2002-05-17 14:48:25.000)
DOT-NET Interviews and Keynotes Resource A list of interviews and keynotes about DOT-NET (Audio/Video). (yzhang, 2002-05-17 00:04:09.000)
The Role of Virtualization in Web Services Resource Keynote(audio/video): Don Box looks at the role that virtualization plays in the world of XML Web Services. (yzhang, 2002-05-16 23:57:20.000)
Examining WSDL Article Rich Salz discusses the state of WSDL, with particular reference to the new Google web services API. (yzhang, 2002-05-16 22:58:50.000)
XML Method Call (XMC) Resource XMC a simple presentation layer protocol for network transactions with method call semantics and payloads consisting of small object graphs. XMC specifies the request and response protocol as well as an XML representation for the object grap (mstone, 2002-05-14 19:35:24.000)
Web services will require application-level firewalls Article The rise of Web services will require the addition of application-level firewalls to protect against external attacks, as well as the effects of unintentionally malicious software being transferred between business partners. --Gartner (mstone, 2002-05-14 19:24:34.000)
Test Web Services Without Writing a Client Article Use Microsoft's newly released .NET WebService Studio (WSS) to test .NET interoperability with a variety of publicly accessible or local Web services. WSS automatically generates SOAP proxy classes and C# clients for ad hoc Web service testing. Roger Jen (rogerj, 2002-05-07 12:16:52.000)
Send SMS , Logos , Ringtones etc. WorldWide !! Web Service Redcoal SMS SOAP Service uses MS SOAP RPC. Using this service you can send SMS , Ringtones , Operator Logos etc.. anywhere in the world .. Please note: You must me registered user to user this service.. Register Free at: http://www.redcoal.com [o (maulik, 2002-05-07 03:16:07.000)
A XML SOAP Web Services Mall Resource WebSevicesMall presents information and resources on Web Services and related technologies like XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, .Net Framework and J2EE. (kjaladi, 2002-04-25 08:55:58.000)
Enterprise Resource Planning and Web Services Article Every major technology goes through a series of revolutions or "waves" with each wave building upon the generation before it, and ERP is no exception. (mstone, 2002-04-22 23:13:45.000)
Web services qualification Article In real use, Web services will sustain a complex ecology. This article explores mechanisms of qualifying Web services for initial selection and as part of the on-going provider/consumer relationship. (yzhang, 2002-04-22 22:52:19.000)
Security in a Web Services World Article This document describes a proposed strategy for addressing security within a Web service environment. It defines a comprehensive Web service security model that supports, integrates and unifies several popular security models, mechanisms, and technologie (yzhang, 2002-04-22 22:48:01.000)
Top 10 Web Service Tips Opinion Web services are not a "one size fits all" solution. In fact finding good "system" designs that capitalize on the opportunity whilst delivering trusted services will mean considerable compromise. But as always, for the brave there are great opportunities (yzhang, 2002-04-22 22:23:13.000)
Do-It-All Web Services? Reality Check, Please Article We have a problem with our industry. Every new technology that comes along is heralded as a "silver bullet." This is particularly true of new development technologies such as Microsoft's .NET framework and Sun's recently announced ONE initiative. (yzhang, 2002-04-22 17:14:04.000)
New WS-Security Specification Resource WS-Security describes enhancements to SOAP messaging to provide quality of protection through message integrity, message confidentiality, and single message authentication. (yzhang, 2002-04-21 23:58:54.000)
Bible Web Service Web Service It accepts a single string parameter which is the standard way of representing Bible verse(s). eg: 'Psalm 119:105' Multiple verses can be requested at one time in the following formats: Enumerated Verses from the same chapter: 'Matthew 5:3,4,5 (stgregdc, 2002-04-18 16:42:08.000)
Google Search Web Service Google's web search is now a SOAP service, make it even more powerful. (mstone, 2002-04-14 20:59:56.000)
WSindex.org: Web Services Links & Resources Resource WSindex.org is a researched directory of Web Services related Internet web sites (wsindex, 2002-04-13 19:23:18.000)
DreamFactory Web Services Client Tool DreamFactory is the first web services client development environment. (billappleton, 2002-04-07 12:06:03.000)
DreamFactory Web Services Whitepaper Article Describes DreamFactory, the first browser based web services client. (billappleton, 2002-04-07 12:02:19.000)
OakLeaf Systems XML Web Services Web Service The site offers examples of data-intensive ASP.NET XML Web services and consumer applications written in Visual Basic .NET. Service examples include navigation and delivery of content, and full-text search of the entire U.S. Code of Federal Regulations f (rogerj, 2002-04-06 15:14:42.000)
XML Signature Verifier Tool The online XML Digital Signature Verifier is a simple cgi script (source code) that demonstrates how to use XML Secuirty Library in real applications. (mstone, 2002-04-04 22:05:13.000)
Company Profile Web Service MyBubble provides an innovative platform for deploying and distributing user-facing web services directly on the user’s desktop application, without modifying the existing application. With MyBubble, the web services publishers provide their end-us (rod, 2002-04-04 07:12:47.000)
W3C to open SOAP envelope News FACED WITH demand to develop more sophisticated Web services, a new working group -- formed within the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) -- is set to tackle key standards challenges, including reliable messaging and extended SOAP (Simple Object Access Prot (yzhang, 2002-04-02 22:52:30.000)
XML Security Library Resource XML Security Library (http://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec) provides C based Open Source implementation for W3C recommendation "XML Digital Signature". You can use this library for generating and verifying digital signatures in XML documents. (aleksey, 2002-03-31 00:57:43.000)
Sun aims Java at the Web services market News Sun is making a definite move into the Web services market with announcments about software designed for mobile phones and handhelds. (yzhang, 2002-03-27 18:53:01.000)
Java brewers to stir Web services pot News At the JavaOne conference in San Francisco this week, Java software makers will attempt to regain ground lost to Microsoft in the emerging market for Web services development tools and technologies. (mstone, 2002-03-25 11:35:53.000)
rtsp.org News News and information relating to the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP, RFC 2326) (robla, 2002-03-24 13:31:33.000)
Email Verifier Web Service Actually connects to email servers to verify the validity of an email address. (b509, 2002-03-20 15:31:14.000)
Web services: Beyond the hype Article Sutor simply believes Web services constitute a revolutionary advance that will fundamentally change the way companies conduct business over the Web. The potential is so great, he believes, that common self-interest will in the end trump narrow jealousie (yzhang, 2002-03-16 17:44:11.000)
Web Services Security Article At the InfoWorld Next Gen Web Services conference in January 2002, 51% of the attendants considered security the single largest obstacle to general acceptance of Web Services. (mstone, 2002-03-15 17:43:24.000)
Web services are insecure Opinion One of the big controversies with Web services is that as long as they continue traveling over HTTP, they'll be insecure. (mstone, 2002-03-15 17:29:17.000)
What Web Services will and won't do Opinion Here, we explore six things that Web services will fail to deliver, and six corresponding areas where Web services will succeed. (mstone, 2002-03-15 17:26:36.000)
web services orchestra Article While pundits and critics argue over the merits and disadvantages of SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, a handful of companies have been quietly rolling out Web services and benefiting from the results. (yzhang, 2002-03-15 15:52:09.000)
How Web Services Will Beat the "New New Thing" Rap Analysis We argue that after substantial hype and a deceptively slow start, web services will drive a significant change in enterprise computing over the next two years. Bottom line, web services will beat the impression that they are just the industry's "new new (yzhang, 2002-03-15 15:49:06.000)
Web services' dirty little secret Article Web services represent a profound change in the way people and businesses use and experience software. So it comes as no surprise that the major platform vendors have all jumped on the bandwagon in a big way. (yzhang, 2002-03-14 21:27:00.000)
JavaOne Conference News JavaOne(SM), Sun’s 2002 Worldwide Java Developer Conference(SM) March 25 - 29, 2002 JavaOne(SM) Pavilion: March 25-28 Java University(SM): March 23-34 Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA Register at http://java.sun.com/javaone/ or call 888-886-87 (javaone2002sf, 2002-03-12 22:46:05.000)
Visual Basic Developer's Guide to SOAP Article In this article, we'll use Microsoft%AE SOAP Toolkit 2.0 SP 2 in Visual Basic 6.0 to write Web service clients, and then later on to enable existing COM objects as Web services. (mstone, 2002-03-09 22:58:33.000)
Web services forge ahead, hack by hack Article In the interest of preserving its effectiveness and neutrality, SOAP Builders needs to retain its cooperative, grassroots character--and the WS-I should insulate it from inter-company rivalries. (bking, 2002-03-09 22:46:33.000)
Merrill Lynch's CTO bullish on Web services News In an interview with Computerworld, McKinley commented on the role of Web services, emerging XML standards, Linux and offshore technology development as it relates to his staff of 6,000 IT professionals. (mstone, 2002-03-09 22:30:25.000)
What Web Services Are NOT Article Although there is certainly some new technology here ( mainly directed towards standardization - you may have heard about Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP, Web Services Definition Language or WSDL, and Universal Description, Discovery and Integratio (mstone, 2002-03-09 22:20:48.000)
Go slowly with web services Opinion AS THE HYPE SURROUNDING Web services gains momentum, many CIOs are reacting with skepticism and concern. But Web services do offer real business benefits. (mstone, 2002-03-09 22:16:46.000)
W3C Releases XML Pipeline News A pipeline document specifies the inputs and outputs to XML processes and a pipeline controller uses this document to figure out the chain of processing that must be executed in order to get a particular result. (yzhang, 2002-03-04 07:11:58.000)
TEN: Issue No 17: WEB SERVICES Article Web Services have recently emerged to address the problems of software integration discussed above. Early work carried out independently by various companies over the period 1999-2000 culminated in the submission by IBM, Microsoft and Ariba of initial We (mstone, 2002-03-01 11:02:50.000)
TEN: Issue No 18: WEB SERVICES Article This issue examines the expected evolution of web service concepts in more detail. (mstone, 2002-03-01 10:59:57.000)
Funjunkie News The cold leftovers of the web (richwild, 2002-03-01 10:05:19.000)
HP Web Services Tool Early access to HP Web Services products compatible with HP-AS 8.0. The following web service components are available for download (either separately or in a bundle) HP-SOAP 2.0 - SOAP server and XML document pipeline-processing framework HP Servi (hoz, 2002-02-25 03:17:53.000)
Digital Signatures and Web Services Article Digital Signatures are a standard in security and cryptography for applications, and are becoming more widespread in their use. (yzhang, 2002-02-17 18:10:13.000)
Second Generation Web Service Article This next generation of web services will likely adhere to an architectural style called REST, the underlying architectural model of the current Web. (mstone, 2002-02-17 18:06:14.000)
Web Service Pitfalls Article This article examines perhaps the most futuristic of web services, those offered by a standalone service provider. (mstone, 2002-02-17 17:54:17.000)
A Busy Developer's Guide to WSDL Article Sam's BDG to WSDL covers many espects with complete examples, a must read. (mstone, 2002-02-15 11:58:44.000)
XML-Signature a recommendation News XML-Signature became a W3C recommendation on 2/12/2002. This is a key specification for securing XML documents and web services. (yzhang, 2002-02-15 11:46:40.000)
XML ,SOAP, Web Services Resource XML, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL and Web Services - Resources (Peterindia, 2002-02-14 01:31:27.000)
Livewwware News News News and information about the Livewwware suite of products. (ciarang, 2002-02-10 09:30:26.000)
XML Canonicalizer Tool A tool that generates canonical forms of XML documents. (yzhang, 2002-02-02 12:57:37.000)
Microsoft SOAP Resources Microsoft SOAP information sites with toolkit and white papers.
Apache SOAP A SOAP implementation in JAVA, based on IBM SOAP4J
IBM SOAP 4 Java IBM implementation of SOAP in Java and related information.. 
Microsoft .NET Microsoft .NET framework technical articles and downloads.
XML.com News, Tutorials, References, and other resources on XML and SOAP.
Mircrosoft DOTNET  A showcase of  Microsoft .NET framework.
OASIS SOAP Cover Page  A large depository of news and resources related to SOAP.
Soap Resource Center  A compilation of links and news related to SOAP.
IBM Web Services Web service related news, articles and products.
SOAP Resource Directory A directory of SOAP resources maintained by Dave Winer.
SOAP Links SOAP links and toolkits at soaplite.com.
SOAP Interop Issues Tony Hong of XMethods has an excellent summary of  interop issues, a must read for all SOAP developers.
SOAP 1.1 Encoding Schema Schema definitions for SOAP section 5 encoding.
WSDL Schema WSDL element definitions.
WebServices.org A web service news and resource site. 
WSDL Example Annotated WSDL examples of snowboard endorsement service and stock quote service (be aware there is a namespace issue in the example).
SOAP Toolkits Paul Kulchenko's list of SOAP implementations.
Web Service Watch A nice service provided by Lucin to keep an eye on your web services. It automatically scans WSDL web service schemas and emails
customers when a schema is missing or a web service fails.
Discussion Boards
discuss.develop.com A very technical discussion forum with many experts participation.
UUDI Forum This is a technical forum for UDDI. There are participants from Microsoft, IBM, Ariba. It is the best place for UDDI related questions.
SOAPClient Forum An open discussion board for this site and SQLData related products
XML-RPC XML-RPC related discussion topics.
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