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XMLCrypto A powerful tool for XML Encryption and XML Signature. End-to-end XML security is just a couple of functional calls with this COM object.
XKMS 2.0 Client A client implementation of XML Key Management Specifications. Perform all PKI operation using simple web service calls.
SOAP Attachment Tester The tool sends SOAP messages with attachment to a specified endpoint. Both MIME and DIME encoding supported.
Google Search Google's cool web service interface can be accessed online here.
Generic SOAP Client The client tool can build SOAP request messages automatically and allows you to access web services using a browser. The tool is widely interoperable with many SOAP implementations.
SOAP Message Builder This tool allows you to construct various SOAP request messages and to validate SOAP services.
WSDL Validator Microsoft WSDL validation tool.
SOAP Router A SOAP client that allows messages to be sent through intermediaries using WS-Routing protocol.
XSLT Checker Test XSLT transformations with a web browser (IE 5.5 and above requrired). 
Interop Tester This tool sends testing messages to remote web services. It can also be used to test any web services accepting random inputs. It has been used in our interoperability tests.
SOAP Security Demonstrate how to secure SOAP messages using XML Encryption, XML Signature (XML-DSIG) and SOAP Security Extension (SOAP-DSIG).
Weblog Ping Send a SOAP message to weblog.com to notify changes in your site. 
SOAP Server Validation Tool A tool that sends pre-defined messages to a SOAP server and checks the returned values for errors. 
XMethod WSDL Analyzer This tool first validates the WSDL .  If the tool encounters any issues during validation, you will see one or more error messages.
ActiveState WSDL Validator Using this validator you can check your WSDL for conformance with the SOAP and WSDL RFC's
UDDI Brower Searching web services from UDDI registries.
<soap:workshop/> A new TopXML forum for articles, code samples, and utilities relating to SOAP, the Simple Object Access Protocol, and Web Services in general.

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