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SOAP Tools and Source Code
SOAP Client Library v3.0 SQLData SOAP Client (C++) library version 3.0. A truthful implementation of SOAP 1.1 with many powerful features.
SOAP Transport Library SQLData's SOAP Transport Library version (2.5). A C++ library for delivering SOAP messages to many destinations. It contains transports for HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, CMC, MSMQ and MAPI. It also includes a SOAP Connector for MS SOAP TK 2.0.
Apache SOAP A SOAP implementation in JAVA, based on IBM SOAP4J
SOAP4J IBM implementation of SOAP. 
WSDL Tookit IBM toolkit that generates code given web service definition file.
4S4C Simon's SOAP Server Services For COM.
XML-RPC An XML-RPC client and server for PHP.
SOAP for RPC A C++ implementation of SOAP by Robert Cunnings.
MS SOAP Toolkit  Microsoft SOAP Toolkit November release includes COM components for SOAP clients and servers.
ZVON  IdooXoap is a toolkit for communicating via SOAP. It is claimed to be compatible with both MS SOAP and Apache SOAP implementations. Both Java and C code can be downloaded from the site.
UDDI4J IBM UDDI Open Source Project.
EasySOAP A simple implementation of SOAP client without service description support.
C++ SOAP Libray Sample SOAP code from Scott Seely's book.
XML-RPC for C/C++ A simpler protocol than SOAP based on XML and HTTP. For those who need light-weight implementation of remote accesses. 
SOAP Client Library A very early version of SQLData SOAP Client (C++) library, depends on MS ROPE.
SoapRMI A SOAP implementation from Indiana University.
SOAP::Lite Paul Kulchenko's free Perl library, a must have for all Perl programmers.
MS UDDI SDK This version of the Microsoft UDDI SDK contains all the latest updates to both the UDDI SDK for Visual Studio 6 and the UDDI Developer Edition 1.5 (Beta); which includes the UDDI .Net SDK (Beta) for Visual Studio.Net.
SOAP UDDI An open source java implementation of UDDI version 2.0 server.
UUDI4j UDDI4J is a Java class library that provides an API to interact with a UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) registry.
Sample Code
VC++ SoapClient Sample C++ code using Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0.
Get Stock Quote Sample using MS Rope dll. 


Sample using SQLData SOAP Client Library .

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