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XML Canonicalizer
Canonical XML is a form of XML document that accounts for the permissible changes. If two documents have the same canonical form, then the two documents are logically equivalent within the given application context. Canonical XML documents are extremely important in digital signature, data digest and other document integrity protection techniques. Senders and receivers must agree to a common form of XML documents in order to generate the same hash values and signitures.  Both XML Signature and XML Encryption depend on Canonical form of XML

This tool focuses primarily on SOAP messages. It can convert a well-formed XML document into its canonical form specified by Canonical XML Version 1.0. You can either enter a URL for the document or cut-n-paste contents into the second text box below:

XML File Address:
XML Content:  


  • DTDs are ignored and removed.
  • CDATA support will be in the next release.

The XML Canonicalizer is one of the components in SQLData SOAP Security package. 

Related Information:

  • XML-Signature : Demonstrate how Canonical XML can be applied to XML Signature (XML-SIG) and to SOAP Security Extensions (SOAP-DSIG).

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