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SOAP Attachment Test
This SOAP client tests a web service with a fixed attachment. The tool can send either MIME encoded attachments (SOAP with Attachments) or DIME ( Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) encoded attachments.
  • The attachment chosen below is unreferenced by the main message. select None if your endpoint accepts only referenced attachments.
  • An attachment is automatically added if a variable in the DIME extended WSDL file is defined as hexBinary or base64Binary. 
WSDL File Address:
Attachment Type:       Attachment: 
Microsoft has a DIME endpoint for interop test at:

We also have an endpoint for server-side SOAP attachment processing, it is at:
The endpoint supports both SOAP with attachments (SwA) and DIME. Attachments in the request are echoed in the response message using the same attachment method. The server decodes attachments based on the content type in the request message. 

Sample Code (SQLData SOAP Client)

Dim MyAgent As SoapAgent
Set MyAgent = New SoapAgent
'assign parameter values
MyAgent.AddParameter "bstrParam1", "my param 1", ""
MyAgent.AddParameter "bstrParam2", "my param 2", ""
'add an attachment, use DIME encoding
MyAgent.AddAttachment "", "c:\tmp.txt", "", "", "application/dime"
MyAgent.ExecuteMethod "http://soapclient.com/xml/soapresponder.wsdl", "Method1"
'Get the attachment, index is 0 based, 0 is actually the main body.
MyAttachment = MyAgent.GetAttachment(1)

Other Endpoints:



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